The Severin Sisters

How it all started. We have had a profound interest in music as far back as we can remember. One of our fondest childhood memories is of summer concerts in various parks around Oregon and Washington. Those concerts gave us great exposure to a wide variety of music genres, different types and styles of instrument sounds, and vocal arrangements. Little did we know that playing happily at the park on many summer evenings was training our ears and shaping our future.

When we were nine years old we each took an interest in playing an instrument; Heidi, the violin, Amy, the guitar. We wanted to be able to play music together and old-time fiddle tunes seemed to fit perfectly. We started going to jam sessions to play with other musicians and learn new songs. Soon mandolin and banjo came into the picture. We spent several years immersed in Bluegrass music attending Bluegrass festivals all over the United States. With a love of music and many years of lessons and hour upon hour of practice, we have begun to master the banjo, mandolin, violin/fiddle, and guitar.

Lessons aren’t over yet…. Practice and jam sessions haven’t come to a halt either! We recently graduated from Oregon State University with BA degrees in music. Our majors were in music composition, editing, engineering, and recording. During our studies at OSU, we enrolled in a jazz class (winter term ‘06). Jazz was a new style of music for us to play. We learned Jazz standards and participated in a class jam session two or three times per week. What an experience! Amy took private lessons to learn jazz chord structure and licks on the guitar. Heidi played the mandolin in those class sessions. In addition, she received private instruction in Swing style fiddle playing.

We are presently teaching music at two of the Salem area grade schools and at one area mid-high & high school.

We have three CDs recorded and released. You may purchase them either at our shows or through CD Baby or Tower Records.